Ain’t No party like a Pantsless Party – My first foray into long distance submission

Friday night I received the text message from Kesarah about my plans for Saturday and after confirming I would likely be staying indoors and catching up on some work – she sent me my final task for the week.

“No Pants. No underwear, no nothing. You are to be completely bottomless from the time you get out of bed, until I tell you otherwise. If you have to leave the house you have to inform me and wait until I tell you that you can put pants on.”

I needed a little bit of clarification – per her instructions there would be no edging or touching myself as well as if someone did come to the door, I had two options. Don’t answer or get a hold of her and ask permission to put my pants on.

It wasn’t what I was expecting but a challenge I thought I could easily complete. One of the nice things about living alone is I can walk around with my cock out anytime – granted I had never done so for an entire day.

I was worried that someone would come to the door or even see me through the blinds – it was one thing to quickly run to the fridge but to be half naked all day? My main door has a glass design that while it is not fully transparent, if someone knocked and took a peak, they would see me in all my glory in the living room and/or my tv on. That left out not answering the door which meant messaging Kesarah. But what if she decided to tell me no? Or if she didn’t answer right away? I would be left stuck with my cock out literally.

There was a possibility that could happen and though it was concerning – it was also exciting. I re-read her instructions again and it dawned on me “Until I say otherwise” was exactly how she worded it. Did that mean I could be like this all weekend or was I reading into it too much? At that point I am a little ashamed that my cock stiffened overriding my worries – excited at the possibility of being caught and vulnerable with no way out.

Before I could think about my growing problem, I jumped into work to distract myself. I will admit I underestimated the task. The longer I remained half naked the more I realized what the biggest challenge was going to be – not touching myself. It has only been a week since I last came but having such easy access to relieve that dull ache in my balls – even with work distracting me I had to stop myself a couple times as my hand started to respond to any problems that “popped” up when my mind wandered into NSFW territory. Normally I cum at least once every couple of days so breaking that routine has not been easy. Why couldn’t my cock cage be here yet?

For the first time it really began to sink in that Kesarah owned me. Even 10,000 miles away, she had the power to stop me from cumming and dictate what I wore (or didn’t wear). I am fully committed to my service so don’t get me wrong, I would not change a thing, but have you ever had to text someone and ask if you could put on pants just to go get milk? I did. It was a little embarrassing and incredibly humbling waiting for her to respond that – yes I could but she had to know when I left and got back.

As she requested I told her when I got back. Her response was brief. “Pants off?”

“Yes, I am bottomless again.”

“Good boy.”

I felt a bit foolish hearing that as a grown and successful man. Yet…the way I responded to it. It felt good having her give me a little pat on the back. I thought about what treats she could have in store for me if I continued to please her.

I started to wonder what it is like for her sending me the instructions and if she was enjoying planning and sending them as much as I have enjoyed completing them. I imagined her sitting out at lunch or going through the grocery store and casually answering my request to put on pants earlier, a smile creeping across her face. I hope it is giving her some satisfaction and empowerment knowing even in another country, she held sway over me.

It was then that I almost made a terrible error. I hopped onto tumblr and fetlife to see what I had missed in the last few days. My eyes were greeted by all kinds of perversions that I have tailored to my kinks causing my over sensitive erection to jump up and down in the air, begging to be stroked.

Realizing the mistake, I shut down my internet browser on my phone and left it in the next room with the ringer on. Unless I got a text or a phone call, it was not leaving that counter. I jumped back into work until my lust subsided and I was able to think about something other then getting off.

Around 4 pm I decided that was enough work and it was time to do something else. I watched some TV but found that I needed to do something with my hands to complete the distraction. I grabbed my phone and played some Mario Run until I got bored and moved onto Final Fantasy XV on my xbox – thankfully it is very engaging. The feeling of exposed lower half faded and I engaged fully in the storyline playing out on my screen.

I alternated between TV and video games the rest of the evening – waiting for word that I could once again cover up. I was surprised that even at the end of the day, every time I got out from under the blanket on the couch, how exposed I felt. I had been naked all day and that level of exposure still felt strange. I did laundry, the dishes, made meals – that feeling never faded.

I have no idea what Kesarah has in store for me and it makes me a little nervous but it also makes me really excited to find out. Saturday tested my willpower but I am proud that at no point did I consider calling it off and putting on pants. I stuck with it no matter how weird I felt at times – my only reward a simple “Good boy” but it was well worth it.

Week one down…


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