Mornings can be frustrating

The Virtual Heel of Mistress Kes

It has been 18 days since I last came and I find myself either not thinking of it at all or unable to think about anything else. The mornings seem to be the worst – they are when I am at my absolute horniest but as I start my day it seems to subside and get easier to deal with – it is just riding out the first couple hours.

Things are going great so far. Kes has been an excellent online Domme. She has found the right buttons to push but also knows when it is best to back off and let me cooldown. This week was a prime example. Kes kindly gave me permission to cum which I have been dying to…but only if I came with the cage on. For any of you who have researched cumming in a cage – most of the videos you find will involve either a wand, prostate stimulation or electro stimulus of some kind to push over that edge. My toy box consists of nothing that could help me in any of those areas but I was game to see if I could find a way to do it.

My first attempts were pretty basic. Trying to manipulate myself inside the cage and get some sort of friction which failed miserably and only made me want to cum more. This is when I truly saw that awful (in a good way) side of Kesarah. Throughout the day I updated her on my attempts and each time she made sure to play devil’s advocate. After my second attempt she suggested maybe waiting was the best idea, afterall I could just make myself more miserable and instant gratification isn’t always so satisfying so I resolved to leave it be and not go ahead any further.

However, she then made sure to plant the seed that she may not let me out for a long period of time and it could be unbearable and this could be my only chance to relieve myself. Frustrated I had to try again and again. The more I tried the worst things got and the more desperate the attempts got. At one point I was holding the base of my electric razor under my penis hoping the vibration would work similar to that of a wand…it did not. It seemed Kes was enjoying my frustration as every attempt was met with laughter making me want to cum even more if only ┬áin spite to show her I could and she had miscalculated.

At the end of the day I could not make it happen no matter how I tried and now I am left wondering when she will give me another shot at cumming and what will be the stipulation then. I was a little embarrassed when I cooled down at how far I was willing to go but I also pulled down some mental barriers along the way so overall it was good. Thankfully she gave me the next day off, realizing that after how far I went the day before I probably could use a day to cool down before she handed me more measured torments.

Today I find myself again sitting here in the morning and really horny. I wish I could play with myself but after the challenge earlier this week…it really wont do me any good. For some reason I am feeling a bit nostalgic and remembering my last mistress and missing the physical element of being dominated – the feel of a flogger or the teasing of lips or making my mistress cum so hard she needs a few minutes to compose herself and hoping I had earned my own release in the process.

Kesarah however has shown me that while I cant really replace a physical Domme with a virtual one, online domination is way more challenging and enjoyable then I had imagined. And so I enter day 18 without an orgasm…part of me hoping Kes has mercy soon and part of me hoping she does not – I am enjoying the mind games a little too much.

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