Being a good sub – my work in progress

Last night was a good night. I got home late and headed to bed – locked up nice and tight for the past 5 days with no release. At times this can wear on me but for some reason, it can also push my libido into overdrive like last night.

I laid in bed with no hope of relief – my keyholder was busy at work so I knew no task was forthcoming which left me with one option – just ride it out. At first I tried to just ignore it and get comfortable. I tossed and turned to no avail, my mind slipping further into my torture.

I wondered if she would enjoy the fact that literally over 1000 kms away the sway she held. I would not dare disobey her and remove the cage, even trying to cum in it without permission is not an option.
Strangely, I enjoy this part. The hopeless frustration and mental torment. I would have begged just to edge last night which is madness since that likely would have made things worse. But in the moment I wanted to.
I imagined edging like mad to all kinds of various perversions, only to be denied by my keyholder at the finish with a smirk as she ordered me to lock back up – relishing in her role, offering a simple, “Good cuck.” Or similar sentiment.

Im pretty sure there may be a dent shaped like my cage in my matress after last night. But like anything else, eventually I come down and back to normal, surprised at how I can get so caught up in my head.
Its one of the reasons long distance key holding works for me. Being left to my own devices can sometimes be a torment in itself. Whether intentional or not. Its a delicate balance between over stimulation or none. With being able to push into the over-stim category myself at times – I imagine im not the easiest chastity sub to work with. Hopefully as time goes on I learn to be a better sub and control myself better.
I want my keyholder or mistress to be happy with me and proud as odd as that sounds. I crave it. I still have a lot to learn.

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