The Thing About Denial

For a while I have working on pinpointing what draws me to certain kinks and how I can sate those desires.
Chastity in particular baffled me. My cage isnt particularly comfortable, its not convenient and can be frustrating. Why do I crave it? Enjoy it? I needed to dig deeper to figure out why it appeals to me.
Part of it is simple. The surrender of control of my most intimate organ to another…its taboo…erotic…hot. I have to consider my activities, what I am wearing, even how I pee and how that will affect my cage and comfort. For example generally I like to go commando but when I am caged I wear underwear. It dulls the banging of my lock against the cage. I also move differently. No rushing up stairs two at a time or peeing standing up (generally). It is a constant reminder that my keyholder owns my pleasure. She can have me edge at work or in an airport bathroom through the cage to my great frustration. Or nothing at all. I have no idea going in to each day and I love that part of it.

But that I think would wear off over time. I wouldnt want to keep coming back but I do. There had to be more to it.

Then it hit me. Tease and denial.

For me the buildup to an orgasm is more pleasurible then sex (usually) and the longer and more intense that buildup – the better the orgasm. Chastity is a vehicle to that end. in a cage, I am cut off from masturbating other then edging at my keyholders command and ultimately cumming. I disobey? The consequences are dire.

i love edging. That feeling of being so full – almost bursting only to be told – ok lock it up…thats what keeps me coming back. Dont get me wrong, it is really uncomfortable and frustrating but that aching in my testes after a good edging session…its addicting. It only adds to my anticipation.

I want to be desperate to cum. On the verge and begging for it and I love a strict keyholder that doesnt easily give in – tells me not yet. It tests my willpower – how far until I spill over? Can I go longer? I like that game though admittedlty in the moment not as much.

The eventual orgasm, whether intentional or not, is incredible. Its that peak that makes all the tease and denial worth it.

Looking at it I believe this is also a root to my cuckold fantasy. The idea that I am under these strict instructions while another man – preferably with my keyholder – operates more freely and can cum in all manners I am not allowed adds to it. Hearing them, seeing them, even just teasing verbally or by text about it drives me insane – in a good way. It gets me hot just thinking about it.

While 24/7 chastity is not for me – I know it is a kink that I will keep coming back to.

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