Help! My thoughts have been hijacked!

Today started like they usually do. My alarm starts blaring and I reluctantly hit snooze for the first time and gather my thoughts. Its Wednesday. Leo is away – I need to be at work until close today. But I can go in a bit late. Perks of being the boss.

I reach down and adjust my cage, lamenting I cannot cum. Mornings are the worst for me. I close my eyes, a million sexy images flashing in my mind. As usual my cock half tries to rally but to no avail. The alarm goes off again and I hit snooze a second time.
I grab my phone and check my email for any early changes to my plan or phone calls to make. Nothing. Excellent.

Just before the third alarm I turn it off and get dressed. Within 35 minutes im out the door and off – I arrive at work 20 mins after open – a little late but considering I dont take lunches most days – company is still up 40 minutes of my time – not to mention the 3 hours of OT Friday and 5 hours on Saturday.
Everything is running smoothly – small issues arise and are taken care of – the day has been productive early.

Then my phone vibrates. A text from my cuckoldress – eagerly I open it up.
She mentions how she is motivated to improve herself and considering a mommy makeover and shares her thoughts on it. She admits she fantasized about me paying for a couple of procedures – knowing full well I will never reap the rewards – as she put it – I could only watch another man uses her newly transformed body.

I re-read that line a few times. When did this cage get so damn tight? Fuck was the idea hot. Instantly my mind starts swimming. I shift uncomfortably trying to ease the pressure on my cock but to no avail. If I wasnt wearing a cage I would have a full blown erection bobbing up and down of its own accord. Instead its crammed in tight to its plastic prison.

I dont think it was her intent to hijack my thoughts or turn me on but she did. I hope part of her realizes and takes some pleasure over the sway she holds over me.

I respond how that idea was really hot and perhaps something we can work towards maybe. My mind already breaking down the problem. Its a hot fantasy. But maybe one that can come true down the road.
I have always been a problem solver – I approach this no differently. Do I want to? Fuck yes. Can I right now? No. What do I need? And from there I start figuring out how to connect the need with the means.
I try to get back to work but inevitably my mind wanders and I re-read that text several times. Why does it turn me on so much?

Lets be clear – I think my cuckoldress is drop dead gorgeous. But I imagine her confidence rising with the procedure. It sounds like she already fucks with reckless abandon, I cant imagine what it would be like if she was MORE comfortable in her own skin.

I read the text again – the word “watch” sticking out. So far I have only listened – i badly want to watch.
There is also something highly erotic about never being able to physically benefit myself. It would be a gift to any man fortunate to be with her from that point on. A gift from a greatful pervert in the hopes they fuck her mercilessly and make her cum again and again using her body. If I am fortunate enough to watch or listen being told to thank THEM for giving her what I cannot. Its only polite.

I text back half joking asking if I can edge a little – i want nothing more then to free my cock. I get a teasing reply denying my request – ill have to wait.

I go about my day – but the idea never leaves. Finally its home time.

I make supper, watch some TV but decide I need to do something with my hands. The temptation to unlock is strong but luckily I know just the thing I need to pull my mind from the clouds.

It is a tried and tested method that worked for me for years. World Of Warcraft. I log in and chuckle – I am the definition of a desperate nerd at this point. I should be a meme somewhere.

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