Remote Play

The remote butt plugs I bought have to be one of the best kink investments I ever made. This week my cuckoldress has me climbing the walls and its only half done.

It started this past weekend when we tested it out during the day. She had me wear it for a few hours and I gave her full control – as long as I stayed logged in to the app on my phone – she could send me vibrations at her discretion.

The first thing I found is whether its in for 20 mins or four hours…there isnt much of an adjustment period. It feels like you have something shoved up your ass the entire time which is a strange feeling – at least it still is for me. I dont know what I expected. Naturally a butt plug should feel like your butt is plugged.

The first wave hit just as I was pouring a drink and I almost dropped the bottle. I braced myself with the counter, closed my eyes and just began to get into it…and it stopped. Just a quick tease.

I dont remember if I asked for more – but I have asked a lot during our new game. The afternoon went much the same way. Vacuuming? Bzzzzzzz. Watching tv? Bzzzz. I had no idea when she would hit me or for how long which is exciting. I figured out after the 2nd or 3rd buzz that I should be wearing shorts I can get off easy – Most of the sessions were a couple minutes or so and I didnt want to waste any time getting my cock out to play with.

By the time the last session hit – a long one – it was feeling really good and I didnt want her to stop. I gave up texting through the app and sent voice recording pleading for more. Of course at that point she stopped – leaving me a horny, frustrated mess.

The bluetooth is fairly reliable but the next session was over before it began – a connection issue not allowing her to send me a buzz…I quickly corrected it but too late. Our game was over and she told me to lock up and that she had plans for the evening – eluding to the fact even though I didnt get to cum – she would have no problem in that regard that night. It was a chore trying to get back into the cage – that thought getting me aroused quickly every time it entered my brain.

A couple nights later she told me to wear it to bed since she was working nights and stay logged in. This was an extremely erotic idea to me. I even went to bed early to maximize play time. It took a while to fall asleep – a cage on my cock and plug in my butt not the most comfortable of sleep wear. But sure enough I did – only to be woken up by that familiar buzz. I groaned into my pillow and assumed my favorite position hoping she wouldnt stop any time soon. I dont remember how long she tortured me that time but it was over too soon and I begged for a little more. She denied me – told me thats enough and to take it out and have sweet dreams. My dreams were far from sweet.

Last night she had me unlock when I got home and put it in. I was to edge continously during the evening and she would send me a buzz when she wasnt busy and felt like it. I figured it would be a long night so didnt rush any of my edging – slowly building, taking a break then starting again.

The buzzs started coming and she teased the shit out of me. It would start to feel realky good and then poof. She was gone. As the evening went the periodic prostate play and edging was feeling better and better. I could feel an orgasm of epic proportions building and after one session I asked if the rule still stood – no cumming? The response was of course I cant so I relayed it was getting hard not to…to which the reply was take out the plug but I can remain unlocked – NO touching her play thing at all.

It was EXTREMELY difficult not to. I debated putting the cage on anyways so I couldnt be tempted or feel anything – even the rub from my pants but decided against it. If I cannot obey her and have enough will power to not touch it – I deserve to be punished.

Now I am laying in bed and she just told me today I am to remain unlocked but no touching – my willpower continues to be tested. My balls are good and blue – a feeling she has assured me I should get used to – she intends to not let me cum at all or anytime soon – strangely that text gets me hard as a rock.

So I did what any good cuck would – thanked her for leaving me a horny, frustrated mess – hoping she continues her teasing and torture for the foreseeable future.

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