Business as Usual…and some sploshing?

Kesarah spoiled me a bit over the last weekend – allowing me to unlock for a few days. The first day was probably the hardest to control my urges but not too bad. After that it felt like I was cheating or missing something as I had grown accustomed to the cage. Not having that extra bit of weight or the lock clacking against it every now and then was strange.

She didnt torture me with any tasks – it was just a few days of normalcy that made me miss it a bit but also how nice it is to not be locked up. I was a bit torn if I wanted it back on or not!

It all culminated this past weekend when she had me consider sensations I find arousing. A lot of them I have beaten to death in these entries and more so telling her so I wont get into them but two particular senses – smell and feel stuck out. I knew if I came back to her with the same uninspired list of turn ons she would be disappointed. She wanted real thought into it.

As far as smell goes I always loved Pumpkin Pie. Maybe because (real) Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada it stuck out but it definetly made the list. I also put down pine trees – that outdoorsy smell reminds me of camping and there is nothing better then sex while camping and I have a few good memories associated to that smell.

Touch my mind struggled for. Textures? Well I prefer smooth textures for sure. Skin? Too easy. Glass? No. Latex? No not really. But I did eventually land on silly putty and imagined squishing it between my fingers and it made me tingle a bit. Involuntarily my toes even curled imaging it being stepped on and squeezed between them.

Really? Normally I am not into any kind of mess but I couldnt shake it. I wanted something squishy to play with.

She had me give my list and gave me instructions that I was to lay naked, close my eyes and picture all of the things I told her that aroused me. When the images were vivid and I was ready – I could start stroking my cock. I was to take it slow and take my time. When I was ready I was allowed to cum so enjoy it.
I was torn a bit because I didnt know if I wanted to cum and start all over – it would be weeks to get back to this point but at the same time – I wanted to cum. In any case I decided lets just lay down, create the environment and lets see where it goes. If I want to cum great – if not ill tell Kesarah tomorrow and hopefully not get punished to bad.

I got the distinct impression she wanted this to be more sensual so I made sure to take my time before starting. I closed my eyes and imagined pumpkin pie smell wofting in and wished I had one so I didnt have to imagine it ( I have one now! Yay Thanksgiving). I imagined setting up a tent under some trees, the smell – the seclusion…walking around in the buff. I imagined playdoh squishing through my toes which gave me tingles between my toes and fingers.

Gradually as I started to feel good I worked into the obvious turn ons. Sounds of sex across the hall…better yet what if I was across the hall and it was coming from here? The idea of her cumming in here with another was hot. On to the sight of flesh or latex and leather. Lingerie. Clothed females while I am nude…I was stroking slowly spinning through it all. I worked up to the edge and back again savoring it.
Vividly I imagined her laying where I am moaning at the top of her lungs – me outside the door listening. Finally it was too much. My entire body tingled – my balls ached for relief so I let it happen and flooded over the edge. I came ridiculously hard – cum hit my headboard inches from my head. Thankfully that slight left lean of my cock works in my favor again.

I laid there for a while almost wanting to doze off but forced myself into the shower then crashed hard – sleep the only thing on my mind. The next morning I felt a bit sad that we have to start building again – my pent up feeling was gone. I felt completely sated. I also still wanted squishy things to play with.
It dawned on me that it was only two weeks since I came but the last one was achieved through anal stimulation so it had been a month or so since I got to cum “conventionally”. It made me feel a bit better strangely. I was glad it was a more sensual type of orgasm then just a quick get off.

I relayed my evening to Kesarah who was at first unhappy with my description as I focused on the end result and not what got me there. I clarified and she was happy with my new discovery and told me its called “sploshing” and some of the things it entails.

Of course I started looking it up – some substances more appealing then others but definetly added to my list of curious about kinks. I talked to her about household items I could use to get a quick fix – shaving cream in a condom (check), weapping the panties I have between my toes…then it got crazy. She suggeted playing with temperatures – cold and hot and my poor brain almost blew.

Warm panties out of the dryer? Especially after being outside in boots in this cold as fuck weather? Goosebumps. I spent the evening using a cold gel pack (a little too thin for my liking) and warm panties squished between my toes. I wanted to feel that warmth run up through my toes so badly. It was heavenly.
I tried Walmart for silly putty or play doh but no luck so I am going to try make some tonight. Looks like I have everything I need sitting in the pantry – I cant wait until work is over.

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