Best Thursday Ever

October has been hectic. I have been traveling around for work and meeting personal obligations that have kept my days filled and my evenings somewhat quiet while Kesarah’s schedule has been three times worse.
As a result we have not had much time to hang out, talk or play lately. But that is part of the deal – life will get in the way so I was content being patient knowing eventually our schedules would line up.
My patience was rewarded in spades Thursday night but we will get there in a bit – I want to start from the beginning of the day.

The night before Kesarah had me try out the big plug and tortured me for a good long while – for the most part keeping it between low and medium driving me nuts. I wanted her to hit the juice for an extended period of time which she would do at points – only to cut off completely or go right back down to low leaving me wanting more.

Back and forth it went for a while, my cock felt like it was going to burst through my cage – I got the distinct impression she wanted to make me cum in the cage though she did not verbalize it.

I was getting closer and closer when good old bluetooth fucked me over again and she lost access to the plug – as a result she told me to wash up and put it away and tomorrow she wanted to try make me cum – confirming my suspicions to a degree but in the cage? That would be hot as fuck but a challenge – as good as the plug feels I cant help but get aroused thinking about my predicament which naturally gets me hard…or at least as hard as I can get. In any case, I did as I was told and went to bed wondering if tomorrow she would push me over that ledge.

The morning came and the night before was still on my mind. I was horny as fuck so I did what I have become accustomed to – I closed my eyes to center myself and clear my head but it did me no favors today. I imagined Kesarah laying where I was when she came to visit – I mean…what kind of cuck would make her sleep in the guest room? Maybe if I was lucky I could sleep on the floor or she would let me listen outside the door as she came in my bed…right where I sleep.

UGH the idea was soo hot but it got hotter. What if Dorian had come up too? What if HE made her cum in my bed? Yep…I am a fucking cuck…I needed a 10 minute cold shower and then it was off to work but I had to text the image to Kesarah and she loved the idea to.

I didnt tell her about the me sleeping on the floor part because I was embarassed…I mean…what kind of MAN would let another couple sleep in his bed? This guy right here but I also dont know if she would be into that sort of thing so I omitted it. But later on that evening she did mention it – I cant tell you how awesome it felt that her mind went there too even without me leading it. My heart skipped a beat – but I digress.

The evening came and I was getting ready to watch the Jets game. I knew Kesarah had not seen Dorian in a couple days so I honestly didnt expect to hear from her – I just hoped they were enjoying their evening and that she would tell me about it later on this weekend.

Then my phone buzzed and it was her. She told me to put in the big plug and unlock myself but NO touching – oh and she was at Dorian’s by the way. The last part I knew was to get my blood pumping harder and it worked.

I got myself ready and texted her back and she took control. It was almost non stop. The speed varied but pretty much for 20 or 25 mins or so I bounced around into different positions making it feel as good as I possibly could.

She told me she was showing Dorian how the app worked and they were considering letting me listen later. I didnt know if that was just something she told me to tease me or get me hot but i didnt care. It worked like a charm. I wanted to reach down and grab my cock so bad…but I wasnt allowed. I texted her and asked if I was allowed to cum without stroking not sure how far she wanted to go with this but knowing if this kept going where it was headed…I was going to cum.

Of course I was not allowed to – absolutely not as she put it. She told me she needed to take a shower and was going to leave me in Dorian’s hands while she did. When she got back we could discuss me possibly cumming. I doubt I could piece together coherent sentences at this point so I just replied a quick “yes maam” and focused on not cumming.

Then the next message surprised me. “Skype. Now.” What? Like for real? That wasn’t just teasing? I almost tripped over my pants in my excitement – kicking them off before I fell to my doom down the stairs.
I scrambled to log in and answer the call and get my headset on so I could hear them. OMFG I was going to hear her cum…this night couldnt get any better. I hit the answer button and got comfortable.
Hey Dorian, Kes…wait…video? VIDEO? Does this mean…I get to watch? Well there is Dorian..and Kesarah in nothing but a towel. Holy fuck. This was happening.

I felt a little nervous but that quickly went away. We chatted normally – she played with the remote asking what settings I liked and laughing every time she got me to lose my train of thought or my sentence to break up cause she sent me a buzz.

Once we all were comfortable and the set up was working the fun began. Slowly the towel started to come off and Kesarahs boobs popped out…I couldnt look away. I prayed the rest would come off shortly and for once my prayers were answered.

There she was. Kesarah…buck naked on my monitor and looking fucking incredible. There I was with a twitching hard cock I could not touch and a butt plug driving me fucking insane on a lower setting.
I watched Dorian go down on her and make her cum and I was definitely jealous. That is my favorite act to perform sexually – watching her buck against his tongue as she got close – god DAMN he was lucky. And clearly very good at it. I couldnt help but moan watching hoping she would let me play with myself soon.
Just when I thought it could not get any better, after watching her cum several times with a wand – she gave me permission to stroke but she wanted me on the very edge for the rest of the show. It was pretty easy to get there at this point. Not going over was going to be a challenge. I could not tear my eyes off her and then she sat there on the couch slightly turned and I got the first glimpse of the curve of her ass.

I have ALWAYS been a ass guy and admired her posterior from afar…it was 1000 times better sans pants. Dorian must have known what I was thinking cause I wanted to see that ass grab and spanked…moments later he brought his hand down with a smack causing her to jump. I had to stop stroking because I was getting way too carried away and I felt like a bit of a creeper but I had to tell her how hot she looked and how good her ass looked.

I dont know if that sparked the idea but it lead into her being flogged. I watched with the best view in the house – she was bent over with her ass facing the monitor (OMFG) and I got to watch every lick she took while she had the remote to my plug in her hand. Every strike, she gave me a hard buzz so I was literally panting at points anticipating each strike.

I loved every second of watching her get flogged but my favorite I think was her little wiggle. Her ass swayed ever so slightly between each switch in toy – I dont know if it was her excitement or just to tease me knowing I LOVED the view and it was killing me wanting to spank her. I like to think the ladder.
I watched her ass turn a nice shade of red – I knew exactly how each of those toys felt as they were held up for me to look at before Dorian struck. I think that made it all the better. I knew what she was feeling in that moment and when he pulled out the cane…jesus that thing fucking hurt. I watched her writhe and take it like a champ several times.

Then we were getting to the end of the evening and she asked what I wanted to see because she was going to let me cum. I seriously was a blank. This has so exceeded all of my fantasies I had no idea what to ask for.

I wanted to just admire her ass and body some more – I could easily cum to that. Then she had a brilliant idea. She made me a wager. If I could not cum before Dorian made her cum one more time – then I had to lock up horny and frustrated.

Perfect. Listening to her cum would get me off hard. So there we were – racing towards orgasm and a slight panic set in as I heard her QUICKLY getting closer. I remember telling her please dont cum yet – I was close myself but I wasnt there yet.

Furiously I stroked myself and finally…I came JUST before she did – spraying the cabinet of my desk. Had I actually prepared I would not have made such a mess but hindsight is 20/20.

We both sat there in the afterglow of it all and I thanked them both for being amazing. It was so hot and I cannot express how much I appreciate them letting me watch. I felt like the luckiest man alive – though an argument could likely be made for Dorian in that regards.

We chatted for a bit about normal stuff before I bid them farewell – and I slept like a baby. Completely sated.

Morning came and I felt amazing. Still do today. It was a unexpected and amazing treat. I really dont think I can ever go to a “vanilla” life again. But that is a problem for another day. Right now I am locked back up and eagerly awaiting Kesarah’s next instructions whatever they may be.

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