Beginning of a journey…

Throughout our sexual experiences, no matter how many or few that may be, most likely there was a time in which you were caught off guard by a new act you found to be oddly pleasurable. Quick to dismiss this as a one time, heat of the moment arousal, a curiosity began to settle in. Building upon the curiosity, a fire was stoked. Slowly growing from a simmering tinder, each time left you wanting a little more heat. A nibble here, playful spanking there, role playing or any of an endless array of unconventional pleasures. Soon the concept of missionary as a norm and doggy as daring flew way out the window!

Have you ever had a one night stand you thought you’d never be able to explain to your friends? One that could lead to a “walk of shame” and a million thoughts of how to downplay what exactly happened? Turn the shame into fame and own it. That is exactly how I began to realize there is so much more to explore. While I wouldn’t admit it to my friends, that was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. My mind was blown…Boom! Good lord, it should almost be criminal to know the things she knew. Unbeknownst to me it wasn’t all about full blown intercourse, it was about the build-up. After such an experience, conventional sex seemed downright blaah. I was also aware that there is also too much of a good thing.

Sexual pleasure is an extremely important aspect of life. I feel for the person that keeps imagination out of their adult play time. How dull!… Moving forward, I wanted to learn. Learn what I have been hiding within and what else may lie ahead. It’s time to set upon the most incredible road trip ever imagined. You can “get-off” at any time, but staying for the final destination might lead you to the place you always wanted to explore but were too afraid to go.

On that note, it’s time to pack my overnight bag and set out on a road trip!

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