About Think Kinky

The Virtual Heel of Mistress KesWelcome to Think Kinky where all varieties of kinksters can come to share their experiences, get advice, make new connections, and promote their passions. Regardless of whether you are someone who simply dabbles in kink or you consider yourself an expert of all things kinky, I invite you to join the Think Kinky community.

My goal is to provide a safe and all encompassing environment that allows for the expression of thoughts and ideas without judgment, provides emotional support for anyone in need, and strives to educate anyone who is looking to explore the world of kink. If you are looking for a place to meet new people and find acceptance for all your kinky desires then this is the place for you.

As a kink enthusiast for over twenty years, I know that it can be difficult to find a safe outlet for fantasies that are sometimes taboo or could be considered unusual to some. I understand how it feels to search for resources and to find myself overwhelmed with information that is misleading or hard to understand. I have committed myself to help others find their way in the world of kink by becoming an educator, consultant, confidant, and friend to other kinksters.

Thank you for supporting our efforts by joining our community!!